Sunday, July 8, 2012

                               Kitchen Counter Makeover

After the kitchen cabinet makeover, my Formica counter tops looked pretty sad in their terra cotta colored bumpy scratched condition.  So I decided on DIY and did some research and went with a product called
GIANI.  I found it at a local independent paint store.  The kit was about $75. You can also buy the product online.  I had enough left over for a bathroom counter top or furniture project. Larger kitchens will require 2 kits, but it is still very affordable for new counter tops.   There are 7 different kit colors.   I chose Adobe Sand.  You can personalize the color by adding or reducing colors and by technique.  There is no wrong way to do this.  Just like natural stone, the shape, color and texture really vary.  This is an easy project, although time consuming at different intervals (tick toc, tick toc) the results are really worth the wait!  Hope the tutorial is useful.  Let me know what you think.



Step One   
Watch the DVD that is included in your kit.

Step Two
Clean, degrease and remove any caulking sand any irregularities on Formica. Clean dust with a damp cloth, let dry.

Step Three
Get supplies ready

 Step Four
Use the black practice sheet included in your kit to practice on. You'll apply color in three different stages.
The sponges are included in the kit too. Here's where you creative side kicks in.  You can add more of one color or less of another, or equal amounts.  Sponge light or heavy. Leave a lot of black or very little.

Once your satisfied with your technique, then your ready to start on your counter top!

Step Five
Paint your prep/cleaned counter top with the black paint. Follow mfg directions.

Step Six

This is really fun.  You will develop your  own technique and style.  I wanted a more marbling effect than just the granite.  So I played around and when some of the heavier sponged areas were 90% dry, I took my  dampened sponge and drug it through to give that kind of misty look that some marbles have.  Then I wanted some veining like marble has so I went out in the yard and found a bird feather (washed it in hot soapy water) dunked it in water.  Then dunked it in either the white of black paint (contrast) and just drew the feather towards me or away from me depending on the width variation I wanted Sometimes with a slight swirl.

Drying... time   tic toc,  tic toc...

Step Seven
This is the most crucial step, sealing.  The sealant has a very high gloss/luster to it.  If you get it to thick or don't let it completely dry before coats it will become cloudy.  Please follow mfg directions carefully.
When applying sealer, you will use the small FOAM roller, going END to END in one direction.
and you will have to wait.............and wait..............ho hum.........................before another coat can be applied.  But done according to directions it's wonderful.

 I ordered a Kohler cast-iron sink in almond to match the cabinet color and a faucet. It tied the whole makeover together.  I hope you enjoyed this DIY,  please let me know what you think.


  1. WOW! We are alike that is something I would have done! LOL! I am always re painting, repurposing, changing things to suit my needs today! It looks fabulous!

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  3. Hi! a little confused; did you paint directly on the formica counter tops? I'm moving into a university apartment so I can't paint over anything lest I want a huge fee on top of my head! lol But I do so yearn to turn it into a little french country kitchen if possible :)

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