Thursday, July 5, 2012

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink...

Whats that phrase or is it Murphy's law "what can go wrong will go wrong"  Well, for me it did just that.  In my mind, retirement was going to be a smooth transition.  Moving into my retirement home working on my DIY project list and getting my blog up and going.  All on target until my former home flooded.  Now I have far more DIY projects than I anticipated.  Tutorials to follow... so stay tuned, more chapters to follow.


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  2. It’s been two months since you posted this blog. I’m pretty sure that you’re now enjoying your retirement days in your new retirement home. I’m pretty sure you’re also preoccupied with your DIY projects at home. With your huge amount of vacant time, you can really explore your world. You can travel to distant places, discover new things and engage with productive activities. By the way, what are your DIY projects? Can you please post pictures of them and share it with us?

    Cara Larose